What Makes Us Different

We’re Always Here for You

Accurate Market Assessments

Weekly pricing review to maximise your returns

Our operational team keep track on the market daily and update on the night rate at least weekly, delivering a 25%mark-up in returns.

Secured rental income

We can rent your property and give you a secured rental income weekly. So you don't have to worry about the season that might affect the bookings from the short term accomodation platforms.


Property Management and Maintenance

End-to-end Maintenance

We help our owners with every maintenance, big or small. Our on-call specialists are always at the present for the regular checks and whenever there is a need.

Insurance solutions for all types of damages

We provide AA-rated insurance for public liability and damages to homes specifically covering short, medium and long lets.

Regular home inspections

We provide regular audits for our clients, including a centralised maintenance management and furniture renew.

Impressive Design with Happier Guests 

A distinguishing sight of your property

Our in-house interior designers create unique interiors in a scalable, cost-effective way.  We do take care every single aspect of your property from refurbishments to full-on furnishing jobs. We aim at giving our guests and tenants to have a memorable experience.

High Standard of Cleaning - Five Stars Hotel alike​

Our trained housing team will make sure everywhere in your home is cleaned, and inspect the issues or repairs before the next guests stay.

We provide all the necessities and make sure the guests to have a home-feel alike. 

Modern Kitchen

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